Nov 07, 2018 12:00 PM
Ben Bosley, Pinnacle Resolutions
Mediation Beyond Borders International (MBBI) and Rotary International

Rotary International has created at a partnership with Mediators Beyond Borders.  The MBBI-Rotary International (MBB-RI) Working Group is a vehicle for advancing the common goals of both MBBI and Rotary International. The MBBI-RI Working Group aims:

  • To build a working partnership between the two organizations at all levels – from the local club to the global leadership; and
  • To promote common work in projects, advocacy initiatives and international meetings of both organizations.

Ben Bosley is the President of Pinnacle Resolutions is a member of MBBI and has knowledge of the work of this partnership.  He is an expert at organizational development, mediation and designing dispute resolution systems in organizations. Ben is a graduate of the Isenberg School of Business at The University of Massachusetts and the Woodbury Institute of Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies atChamplain College.  

As a manager in organizations, Ben saw the need for change in outdated conflict resolution systems in order to reduce the probability of a rapid conflict escalation with astronomical costs. Ben recognized that an organization’s conflict management system must be designed to emphasiScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 2.19.02 PMze preventative measures and early-intervention strategies that build collaborative strength early on.

As the founder of Pinnacle Resolution, Ben engages his passions for organizational development and dispute resolution, diagnosing ineffective elements of existing conflict management systems and developing and implementing new designs that deal with conflict in a way that reflects the organization’s values and promotes the organization’s mission. Ben works with clients ranging from small businesses to governments looking for ways to create conflict management systems that promote resolutions with everyone’s interests at heart. To be successful and self-sustaining, each conflict management system that Ben designs is tailored to meet the needs of the groups involved.