Dealing with Suicide

Jun 21, 2017
Cathleen Voyer Lamberton
Dealing with Suicide

Cathleen’s life mission is simple:  To help you redesign and create a life filled with joy, love, and abundance.   You will find her website here.  

As a single-mom of two beautiful children, Cathleen built a successful career in business, politics and government that spanned two decades.  Her life was changed forever when she suffered the devastating loss of her 19-year old son, Logan, from suicide. 

It was the death of her son that cracked Cathleen wide open.  She understood she had a choice: she could live out her days cloaked in the guilt, pain, shame, misery, and regret over the loss of her son and all the other traumatic experiences she endured in her life. 

OR she could begin to heal, to learn how to live again, and to redesign her life.

She thanks the Divine that she chose to live, to heal, and to experience life fully (meaning the good and the bad).  Today, although she still feels the pain over losing her son (a feeling she isn’t sure will ever fully go away), she also experiences joy, love, and peace.  She’s living fully, and she’s loving every moment.

Now she’s giving back by helping others to experience greater joy, love, and abundance in their lives.  She’s helping others who have undergone their own healing journeys to take the next step in redesigning their lives.  She’s teaching and sharing the powerful tools, strategies, and methods that brought her from the darkness into the light. 

No matter where you are on your healing journey, Cathleen is living proof that it is possible to experience joy, love, and inspiration once again. It is possible to live your life fully, no matter what you’ve endured.

Cathleen works with businesses and organizations helping employees learn how to effectively manage their grief and to eliminate workplace distraction.  She also works with individuals who have already begun to heal from trauma find the courage and resources to keep going on this journey.