May 15, 2019
Steve Schmida, Co-Founder, Resonance Global
A consulting firm delivering market-based solutions to solve the world's toughest challenges

Resonance Global was founded by Nazgul Abdrazakova and Steve Schmida, her husband who live in Westford.  Nazgul oversees over 70 international development professionals who are based in four locations around the world, with global HQ in the Chase Mill in Burlington, right on the Winooski line.  Working out of the spare bedroom of his home, Steve Schmida, together with Nazgul, bootstrapped Resonance into an award-winning global consulting and advisory firm with more than 70 staff worldwide. The organization has offices in Vermont, Washington, DC, Seattle, and Manila. Resonance clients include Fortune 500 companies and international donor agencies, along with leading nonprofits and foundations.  Steve now serves as the Resonance Chief Innovation Officer. 

Resonance Global:  At Resonance, we help our clients unlock opportunity in frontier markets by designing action-based strategies, forging strategic partnerships, and executing across sector boundaries. Since 2005, we have built over 200 partnerships and delivered solutions that enable businesses to achieve their growth objectives, NGOs to fulfill their missions, and development agencies to reach billions of individuals born into poverty.