Jan 25, 2023 12:10 PM
Essex Rotary Public Relations Committee
Essex Rotary and Social Media - a District Priority AND Welcome Corp.

This week will be a potpourri, with two agenda items.

Increasing Social Media Impact of Essex Rotary:  Your Public Relations Committee will layout ways to increase the reach of our social media – to better tell the great story of Essex Rotary. 

1.  Facebook:  We will visit the Essex Rotary Facebook page and learn the “how and why” of the following:  

  • FB Reactions (like, love, wow, etc.) help more people see our posts – and why you should do everything EXCEPT LIKE;
  • Conversations under Comments create the buzz we seek;
  • Sharing posts to your FB page means more people will hear our message;
  • Tagging your friends drives eyes to our FB page;
  • Inviting your Friends to follow/like our FB Page increases our impact.

2.  Front Porch Forum:  Sign up to post Essex Rotary messages to FPF in each of the neighborhoods that cover our area (5 in Essex Town; 5 in Essex Junction and one each in Westford, Jericho and Underhill).

If there is time – hear about the new US State Department Program – launched in the past few weeks:  WELCOME CORPS, a national effort to greet and support new refugees moving to our area.  Here is Welcome Corps website:  https://welcomecorps.org/

And a National Public Radio story on Welcome Corp: https://www.npr.org/2023/01/19/1149922455/private-citizens-sponsor-refugees-us?ct=t(THE-FREQUENCY-20230119)