Jun 17, 2020
John Churchman, Co-Founder, ArtHound Gallery
Introduction to the ArtHound Gallery at the Essex Experience

John Churchman will share the startup and vision for the ArtHound Gallery.  This gallery is home to art work from well over 100 of Vermont's premier artists.  When asks how this incredible gallery compares to others in Vermont - John was clear:  "we are certainly the largest gallery in Vermont - and perhaps the largest in New England.  I have more research to do!"  With 7500 square feet of space and very high ceilings, there is room for some of Vermont's most famous creators - and others who are building their reputation. 

In November 2019 Seven Days did a great profile of the vision for ArtHound.  You can read it here.  In this article, other planned developments / projects at the Essex Experience are outlined, including the new coffee shop / bakery and the new brewpub and distillery.