Jan 29, 2020
Carl Fowler, Train & Rail Advocate
Update on Amtrak and Rail Issues in VT & Chittenden County

Carl Fowler is Vermont's leading advocate for passenger rail.  In fact, he is a strong player on the national scene.  Besides serving on the Vermont Rail Council, he is the vice-chair of the national Rail Passengers Association and president of CHF Rail Consulting. 

Most recently Carl has taken the lead in the Vermont Rail Council's decision to recomment that VTRANS service AMTRAK's Ethan Allen near the McNeil Plant in the Intervale instead of leaving it overnight at Burlington's Union Station. 

In Carl's talk, you will learn about the implications of these decisions will have for Amtrak service in Essex.    Hopefully the Vermonter will once again become the Montrealer.  And perhaps, if the track between Essex and Burlington can be upgraded, the Ethan Allen will also continue on to Montreal.   Carl can fill us in and offer insights on the implications of these decisions for Essex and western Chittenden County.

Here is a Nov 2019 story on where to service the Ethan Allen