APRIL 30, 2014


Meeting Recap

     Greetings Rotarians! Today we inducted Andy Love as the newest member of our Club.  Please take a moment to introduce yourselves to Andy to make him feel welcome.  Following Andy’s induction, our Club presented a charitable donation of $250.00 to the Birds of Vermont Museum that will be used towards finishing improvements to the buildings and lands that make up the museum. We finished up the meeting with our charitable committee sessions.  Just as a reminder, as we approach the end of the Rotary year, it is important that all of the committees determine how they want to allocate their funds and to get their requests for checks to Kristin Winer well before the end of the fiscal year.
President Marie Schonholtz
            As many of you may have heard, President Marie Schonholtz has accepted a new job with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  As Marie transitions to her new position, her availability for our weekly meetings is going to be extremely limited.  In the true spirit of Rotary, several mystery guests have agreed to step in and handle the presidential duties at each of the meetings until the end of the Rotary year.  Congratulations to Marie on her new job, and thank you for your hard work as President this year!


2014 Essex Rotary Golf Tournament
The golf tournament is a mere 41 days away! The sponsors are still trickling in, but we need to continue our push for more hole and cart sponsors.  Sponsorship brochures are available at the meetings or electronically if you need them (I have attached a copy to this newsletter).  Remember, this is our Club’s biggest fundraising event and its success will help give us the financial flexibility we need to donate to more charities in the upcoming Rotary year.  Every sponsor we can get helps!
Essex Rotary Changeover Dinner
            Please mark your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, June 25th.  Our Club will be holding its annual Changeover Dinner at The Essex on that date.  This dinner will be held in lieu of our regularly scheduled meeting that day.  Please note that President Marie recently announced that we will not be doing a live auction at this year’s event. We will provide more details about the dinner as they become available.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:  Wednesday, May 7, 2014 – We will be visited by teachers from France who are here through the Virtual Intercultural Avenues program.
For the complete list of upcoming speakers and general information about the Club, please go to our website at  Be sure to also check out our Club’s Facebook page!
       Yours in Rotary,
Jason Ruwet