MARCH 20, 2019

Meeting Recap
                Greetings fellow Rotarians! Our speaker today was Alyssa Black.  As many of you are aware, Alyssa and her husband Rob lost their son Andrew to suicide in 2018. Alyssa bravely shared the details leading up to her son’s suicide and what transpired after. Since this tragic event, Alyssa and her husband have joined forces with legislators and other families to push for legislation that will mandate a waiting period between the date on which a fire-arm is purchased and the date on which an individual may possess the fire-arm.  Alyssa stated that the time between her son’s purchase of a handgun and the time he left the store with the gun was a mere 24 minutes. She pointed out that a mandatory waiting period may have given her son more of an opportunity to cool down and re-think his decision. To augment her argument, Alyssa presented some statistics and studies concerning suicides and suicide attempts by fire-arms that illustrated the difference a waiting period might make.  Alyssa concluded by announcing that there are two bills pending in the legislature concerning this matter. One is a bill in the senate that will mandate a 24-hour waiting period for hand-gun purchases and the other is a bill in the house that has proposed a 72-hour waiting period. 
Rotary All-Star Hockey Classic
            The days have now turned to hours as we are rapidly approaching this weekend’s Rotary All-Star Hockey Classic!  Thank you to the members who have volunteered to work at this event and to all who have volunteered to donate items to be sold at our concession stand.  A special thank you goes out to Jeff Cabanaw and the rest of the Hockey Committee.  This event is a significant undertaking and these individuals have been working hard to put this together since November!  
Essex High School Community Service Dinner
            Essex High School will be recognizing several of its seniors for their community service at a dinner on April 4th at the Essex High School cafeteria.  Our Club is looking for 16 volunteers to help set up, serve food and clean up.  Please contact Amy Jackman at if you are able to help.
Photographer Wanted!
            The Public Relations committee is looking for a shutterbug who would be willing to assist with taking pictures at our meetings and events.  If you are good with a camera and would like to help out with this job, please contact Pat Spielman at
Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf
            We are looking for volunteers to help staff the Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf on the following dates: Thursday, March 28th (3:30pm); Monday, April 8th (5:00pm); and Thursday, April 25th (3:30pm). Please contact Sharon Dettenrieder at if you are able to fill any of these shifts.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019 – We will be holding our monthly committee meetings.
For the complete list of upcoming speakers and information about the Club, please go to our website at   Be sure to also follow us on Facebook at , on Instagram at and on Twitter at
       Yours in Rotary,
Jason Ruwet