COVID 19 and Rotary


Greetings fellow Rotarians. Not surprisingly, Rotarians across the globe are taking action to assist their communities in a time of need.  In Italy, Districts 2080 and 2041 have raised money to help purchase much needed equipment and supplies to help that nation’s battle against COVID 19.  The Rotary Club of Karachi Darakhshan, Sind, Pakistan has purchased and distributed thousands of masks to people in Karachi.  These are just some of the many examples of how Rotarians worldwide are stepping up their efforts to assist others in need during these difficult time.  


Chris Kasper Grocery Assistance


Speaking of Rotarians stepping up to help out the community, Chris Kasper has graciously offered to assist some of the vulnerable members of our Club with any grocery shopping needs they have.  Please contact Chris at to discuss how he can help you. Thank you, Chris for offering this valuable and selfless service to those in need!


Future Meetings


With the Governor’s stay at home order about to be extended, it is unlikely that we will be meeting at The Essex for lunches anytime soon.  The good news, however, is that President Heidi Brosseau is looking into setting up virtual meetings so that we can still be engaged with our Club.  The Board will be having a Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 7:30am to discuss these options further.


Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf


The Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf is still operating a curbside service for our community and is always looking for volunteers. Per the request of the church, people who fall in the vulnerable category are asked to please hold off on volunteering until the health threat subsides.  Please contact Associate Pastor Josh Simon at for more details on how you can help.  


Upcoming plans for the next few weeks – The newsletter will still be distributed each week to provide our members with any updates on our Club and Rotary in general.  In the meantime, please stay safe.


For the complete list of upcoming speakers and information about the Club, please go to our website at  Be sure to also follow us on Facebook at , on Instagram at and on Twitter at

       Yours in Rotary,


Jason Ruwet