Meeting Recap

Greetings fellow Rotarians!  Today’s speakers were Mike DeCecco and Alison VonPushendorf from, located in Burlington. is company that was founded in Vermont and has experienced rapid growth over the course of the past several years.  This company now boasts close to 800 employees in Vermont and Manhattan Beach, California.  It specializes in developing online marketing tools for automobile dealers across the country.  One of their most successful tools is a program that allows dealers to follow up with potential customers with ease.  Mike and Alison indicated that espouses the belief that a relaxed and fun work atmosphere is conducive to productivity and innovation.   For more information about this company, please visit its website at:


Essex Rotary Corn Booth

Committee Co-Chair, Ray Allaire has found a supplier who will sell corn to us at a wholesale price.  There is also hope that some local farms will still be able to donate some corn if they have any available.   Presently, the board is discussing whether we should raise the price per ear to help offset the cost of purchasing corn or whether we should simply leave the price as is (the price per ear is currently $3.00).  We still need to fill several slots for this event.  A hard copy of the sign up sheet is being circulated at meetings, but you are encouraged to visit the website to see which spots are available.  You may then e-mail Kristin Winer at to let her know which shifts you would like to take.  For more information about this event, please contact Committee Co-Chair, Holly Lemieux at or Committee Co-Chair, Ray Allaire at

Rotary Theme for the Month of August

The Rotary Theme for the Month of August is Membership and Extension.  Rotarians are encouraged to think of ways in which membership can be increased and manners in which existing members can become more engaged with their respective Clubs.  One of the simplest ways of getting new people to join our Club is to ask them if they are interested and invite them to attend a meeting.  Many of our members have been introduced to Rotary in this way, so by all means, invite your friends, your family and co-workers to learn more about our Club and Rotary in general.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:  Wednesday, August 21st  – Essex Rotarian, Diana Orr and representatives from Essex CHIPS will be on hand to discuss their mentoring program.  Just as a reminder, I will be on vacation next week and so will the newsletter.

For the complete list of upcoming speakers and general information about the Club, please go to our website at   Be sure to also check out our Club’s Facebook page!

Yours in Rotary,

Jason Ruwet