Jul 13, 2022
Meredith Mann, Owner, Magic Mann @Essex Experience
Magic Mann - a CBD Store at Essex Experience Applying for THC License

Meredith Mann owns Magic Mann, a unique store located in the Essex Experience between Black Flannel and Mad Taco.  The store opened in 2019 in the Essex Experience with a focus on selling products containing CBDs.  Meredith expects to be granted approval in October 2022 by the Vermont Canabis Control Board to sell products that contain THC.  This store will be on the front line of the changing environment here in Vermont to legally sell canabis.  

Meredith has been asked to talk about her store - Magic Mann - and how she negotiated with Peter Edelmann to occupy a storefront at the Essex Experience.  She will also discuss, from the perspective of a potential seller of THC products, the process Vermont has adopted to make THC legal in the Green Mountain State.  


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