Nov 17, 2021
Prof. Chris Koliba, UVM, Dept Comm Dev/Aplied Econ
LUNCH @ ESSEX: Insights into Report: Amplifying Vermont Economic Resilience (published Aug. 2021)

Professor Chris Koliba and grad student Emma Spett will offer insights into a report - Amplifying Vermont's Economic Resilience - published in August 2021 by a consortium of groups including: the UVM Office of Engagement, the Center for Rural Studies at UVM.  Chris and Emma are the principal authors.


Challenge to Essex Rotary members:  READ THE REPORT (or parts of it!!)  You can find it here!!  Members, please be an active participant!! It matters.

From the Reports Introduction: 

The state of Vermont, like every other state in the country, faces unique challenges and opportunities as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic that are shaped by longstanding demographic, infrastructure and cultural realities. During the late winter of 2021
a team of researchers from the University of Vermont’s Office of Engagement (OOE) and Center for Rural Studies (CRS) set out to learn from leaders to surface the impediments to economic resilience facing our state and identify solutions to overcome them. Eight roundtable sessions were convened virtually with 75 leaders representing a diverse set of interests and sectors from across the state.

The findings from these conversations will not surprise those who care deeply about the health and well-being of Vermonters. A consensus around what “successful” economic resilience looks like for our state emerged: one that sees our state’s private and nonprofit sectors thriving, our poorest residents elevated to higher qualities of life, full employment, few job vacancies, affordable housing, healthcare and childcare for all, a welcoming and inclusive society where newcomers are able to make a living and a life here in the Green Mountain State.

Beginning on Page 32 of the report, you will find principal findings: 

1. Invest in Growing a Skilled Workforce

2. Focus on building racial equity and inclusion and belonging in communities 

3. Build investments for entrepreneurial enterprises 

4. Promote and sustain a remote workforce while maintaining thriving town centers 

5. Leverage Vermont's quality of life as a critical feature in jobs attraction 

6. Appreciate the role of the non-profit sector as a critical feature of the Vermont economy

7. Invest in education, child care and pre-school 

8. Invest in broadband, housing, transportation, water and energy infrastructure 

9. Select an collective impact approach to economic and workforce development, rooted in social equity