Sep 21, 2022
Beth Parent, Chittenden Solid Waste District
Proposed Bond Issue to Fund an Upgrade of the Chittenden County Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

Beth Parent will share the vision of the Chittenden Solid Waste District to upgrade the technology at the county's recycling processing plant to meet the needs of our growing region that is generating more and more material to be recycled.  Essex Rotary members, along with all voters in Chittenden County, will be asked to vote on this $22 million bond issue.  See details below - and head to the CSWD website for even more information.  



Nearly 30 years ago, CSWD built Vermont’s first Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where “blue-bin” recyclables are sorted to be marketed and made into new products. This outdated MRF has us stuck in the 20th century, limiting what Vermonters can recycle and falling behind the demands of modern packaging. CSWD is proposing to build a new, more efficient and effective MRF that will provide extensive environmental benefits and affordable, in-state processing for Vermonters’ recycling for decades to come.

This new MRF will:

  • Enable Vermonters to keep more recyclables out of the landfill
  • Replace repetitive, hand-sorting jobs with more diverse, skilled jobs in a cleaner, brighter, and better designed facility for Vermont workers.
  • Feature 21st-century technology, capacity, and flexibility to better handle the enormous growth in the volume and diversity of products and packaging.

At the November General Election, CSWD will be asking voters to approve a bond of $22 million for this new MRF. This bond will not increase taxes. CSWD will pay back the loan over 25 years from the MRF’s operational revenue. The MRF Bond ballot will be available after  September 1st. We will post a link here when the ballot is ready.