Mar 02, 2022
Nicole DiDomenico, Upendo Mojo Update
Rotaract Advisor, Norwich University

Upendo Mmoja was founded in March of 2012. The organization formed out of two existing groups in Pommerin, Tanzania: The Upendo Women's Group and the Upendo Men's Carpentry Group. Upendo Mmoja means One Love in Kiswahili and the name reflects the partnership created between the two original groups to try and improve their community and their lives.

The project they proposed to us was to use their own existing skills and knowledge to educate the youth in their village and train them using marketable skills with which the children will eventually be able to use to generate their own income. The members of Upendo Mmoja are nearing the completion of a residential and vocational learning center for 17 children between the ages of 6 – 12 (all of whom will be able to stay at the Center until they are 18 years old. The children moved into the nearly complete Center in mid-August of this year, though the building still needs a ceiling, windows, flooring, electrical and plumbing work. The Center includes living quarters, bathroom facilities, and a main multi-purpose space for meals and learning. 

Future plans include the building of a carpentry workshop and a barn for raising animals and making crafts to sell on market days. Passing the knowledge they have on to children who otherwise would have no education will improve the lives of those children as well as the prosperity of their village.

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