Nov 06, 2019
Bjorn Norstrom, Prog Mgr, Tech for Tomorrow (T4T)
T4T: Empowering People in Need with Technology Education

Bjorn Norstrom, the Program Manager for Technology for Tomorrow, will share the story of this educational non-profit that aims to raise the level of technology proficiency and knowledge of Vermonters who have less access to emerging technology.  T4T has recently focused on the needs of new Americans and senior citizens.  

Bjorn has been active in educational initiatives, as his bio demonstrates:   Bjorn Norstrom is a Vermont licensed K-12 educator in Educational Technology with over 15 years of technology program development and teaching experiences in various settings. He holds a bachelor's degree in English Education and Social Studies Education, a master degree in Teaching ESL and a post-master certificate in Information Technology in addition to a variety of industry technology certifications such as Microsoft, Certiport and CompTIA. He also has successful grant writing experiences and was the winner of the international Certiport award "Champion of Digital Literacy" in 2005 for his work at Northlands Job Corps Center and Colchester Middle School.

T4T Program description from the organizations website:  Technology For Tomorrow (T4T) was started in 2012 by high school student leaders from South Burlington, Vermont, under the guidance of founder Neel Desai (a sophomore at the time) as an outcome of his participation in the Youth Leadership Program with Central Europe, an international youth leadership program funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and administered by Meridian International Center.

Our Vision:

  • Those in need have access to affordable technology education that improves their quality of life personally, professionally, and in the community
  • People of all ages recognize and act upon the need for helping others

Our Mission:​

  • Technology for Tomorrow, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, empowers people in need by providing affordable technology education and supporting skills through various local, state, and national collaboration efforts, in order to help individuals reach their professional and personal goals
  • Enable and encourage people of all ages and walks of life to apply their skills and experience in helping those in need