Mar 24, 2021
ZOOM: Matt Dunne, Center on Rural Innovation-CORI
Using partnerships and strategies for sustainable economic success in rural America

Matt Dunne, former candidate for Governor in Vermont and a Google staff innovator, started CORI - the Center on Rural Innovation, based in Hartland, Vermont.  CORI aims to build sustainable economies in rural areas that have been left behind as technology has come to dominate successful regions of the USA.  Expanded support for entrepreneurship and universal broadband services are central to CORI's work.  

Again, Steve Schmida served as the catalyst that encouraged Matt to share his remarkable community development story with Essex Rotary.  

Matt's impact has recently (Dec. 15, 2020) been recognized by New York Times opinion writer Tom Friedman.  Please take the time to read Friedman's  piece where he credits Matt, in part, for his thinking on a rural development strategy for the next 4 years.  Please take the time to read the column here