Sep 18, 2019
Prof. Patrick Hutton, Essex Rotary Member
On Teaching the History of the Present Age --- Personal Impressions

New Essex Rotary member, Patrick Hutton, is an accomlished historian.  Club members know him as a member who works the Corn Booth.  UVM has honored him as a professor emeritus, having served, led, taught and represented the UVM history department since 1968

Patrick will talk about teaching the "history of the present age".  From his experience, this means taking an historial perspective on fairly recent events - a topic of considerable controversy within the community of those who teach and research historical events.  For example, in 1980 many historians felt it was too soon to teach about the Vietnam War.  Professor Hutton took on this task.    

Here is the bio from the UVM website: 

Patrick Hutton is professor of history emeritus at the University of Vermont. He earned his BA (public affairs) from Princeton University and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin (major: European history; minor: comparative literature). He currently teaches part-time for the Integrated Humanities Program and for the Honors College. His scholarship has focused on modern European intellectual history, including such topics as the French revolutionary tradition, mass politics in modern France, modern uses of the art of memory, the Neapolitan philosopher of history Giambattista Vico, the French philosopher Michel Foucault, the French historian Philippe Ariès, and the German literary critic Walter Benjamin. His current research project concerns the memory phenomenon in contemporary historiography.











CV of Patrick Hutton