Sep 29, 2021
Essex Rotary Committee Meetings
Conduct Business of Standing Committees
Essex Rotary Committee Structure as of September 2021
1.    Food Insecurity Committee – Tim Gendron, Chair
2.    Shelter Committee – Max Seaton
, Chair
3.    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee  Pat Murray, Chair
4.    Scholarship Committee – Penny Klein, Chair
5.    District Grants Committee – Edith Klimosk, Chair
6.    Environment Committee – Steve Schmida, Chair
7.    Youth Services Committee – Amy Jackman, Chair


After reports from Committee Chairs, if time allows, Chief Ron Hoague and Brian Shelden will give us their "short story" - formerly called "classification" talks.  You'll hear their story - including why they have decided to join Essex Rotary.