August 29, 2018

Meeting Recap
            Greetings fellow Rotarians! The word of the day is HOT! This word can best describe the weather, the corn and the action at the Corn Booth! Since Friday, Rotarians and their friends and relatives have been busily selling corn at the Champlain Valley Fair and spreading the word about the good work done by Rotary to Fair patrons, fellow vendors and even the occasional carnival worker.  If you have yet to join in on the fun, there is still time! We have open shifts on Thursday and Saturday evenings that need to be filled. In fairness to those who have already signed up for two or more slots, we ask those of you who have not signed up to please help us fill the remaining shifts. Thank you very much to the Rotarians, friends and family members who have graciously taken time out of your work and personal schedules to keep the Corn Booth up and running this week. We truly could not pull this off without you and your service to the Club is greatly appreciated! Last, but not least, thank you very much to Mike Dimitroff, Ray Allaire and the rest of the Corn Booth committee for all of their hard work in organizing and overseeing the preparations for this event. Keeping a concession stand operating over the course of 10 days is not an easy undertaking and the Corn Booth committee deserves a great deal of credit for making the process run so seamlessly. 
Volunteers Needed for Senior Luncheon
            As hard as it is to believe, our Club is already in talks with the Knights of Columbus about our annual Senior Luncheon.  This year’s event will be happening on December 5th at the Champlain Valley Exposition. So why are we bringing this up in the dog days of summer?  Simple.  WE NEED ONE OR TWO ROTARIANS TO STEP UP AND SPEARHEAD THIS PROJECT.  We would really like to see one or two of our newer Rotarians take the ball and run with this project.  It is actually one of our easier service projects to run and it is something that is very beneficial to our community. If you would like to be the new point person for this project, please contact either President Andy at or Lois Parmelee at 
Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf
            We are looking for volunteers to help staff the Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf in the next few months.  Please contact Sharon Dettenrieder at for information on upcoming shifts.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:  Wednesday, September 5, 2018 – We will be holding our monthly committee meetings.
Kwanzaa IconKwanzaa - corn\n\nPart of the "Events" set made for WorldLabel.comHave fun at the Corn Booth and have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!
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       Yours in Rotary,
Jason Ruwet