MAY 29, 2019

Meeting Recap
            Greetings fellow Rotarians! As the Rotary year ends, we took the opportunity to reflect on how we operate our Club and whether we need to consider making some changes moving forward.  President Andy did a great job of facilitating the discussion and started the conversation by asking members for input on some new ideas that have been contemplated. The manner in which we handle the disbursement of our charitable donations was the main focus of the discussion.  While most feel that our current model of having smaller committees disburse funds is a sound one, some ideas were exchanged on how to tweak this process. One idea was to have the Board come up with a general theme on which all of the committees would focus for a certain period of time. The possibility of adding new committees to cover other areas of interest (such as peace) was also discussed. Other members proposed holding committee meetings on a less frequent basis.  Another topic that was discussed was the prospect of holding a less formal monthly evening meeting.  This would not only provide members with the chance to socialize (especially if President Andy is buying the drinks) but it would give Rotarians who have trouble making it to weekday meetings other opportunities to attend meetings. We ended the meeting by discussing the possibility of adding more classification talks by members so that we can learn more about what are members do outside of Rotary. 
Annual Dues
            By now, members should have received invoices for their annual dues. The Board asks that if you plan to continue your membership for the 2019-2020 year that you please have your dues paid in full by Friday, June 7th.  It is important for us to have all of our invoices paid as those funds are used to pay the fees that are charged to our Club by the District and Rotary International for each one of our reported members. We also ask that you please let us know as soon as possible if you do not intend to renew your membership. Please contact Betty Poulin at if you have any questions about dues or renewal.
Essex Rotary Golf Tournament
            We are inching closer to the finish line on the race to get sponsors!  The hope is to have all of the sponsors contacted and committed by next Wednesday (June 5th). Please contact Dave Johnson at if you have any questions about this event or if you need a list of sponsors who need to be contacted.
Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf
            We are looking for volunteers to help staff the Heavenly Pantry Food Shelf on the following dates: Monday, June 10th (5:00pm) and Thursday, June 27th (3:30pm). Please contact Sharon Dettenrieder at if you are able to fill any of these shifts.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019 – Our speaker will be Patrick Standen from the New England Disabled Athletic Association.
For the complete list of upcoming speakers and information about the Club, please go to our website at  Be sure to also follow us on Facebook at , on Instagram at and on Twitter at
       Yours in Rotary,
Jason Ruwet