Oct 12, 2022
Edward Verona, Senior Advisor at McClarty
Traveling in a War Zone

Edward Verona has a career-long background working on issues in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Russia.  You can read his impressive biography by clicking on the link below. 

But his extensive business experience is NOT why he is joining us today virtually from Texas.  Edward is a long-time colleague of our own Steve Schmida with a very personal story to tell.  His son, a former US soldier,  joined the Ukraine forces who are attempting to hold their country from the Russian invasion.  His son is now home - but Edward and his wife traveled to the war zone to convince their son to return to the US.  We will hear his first hand account of traveling in Ukraine, a story informed by his extensive personal experience working in the region. 

This account should supplement the story imparted by UVM Anthropology Professor Jennifer Dickenson about her work in Ukraine.  



Edward Verona, Senior Advisor at McClarty Associates, advises clients on issues in Russia and throughout Europe and Eurasia, where he brings decades of expertise on energy related matters.  

Prior to joining McLarty, Mr. Verona served for five years as President of the US-Russia Business Council (USRBC), where he led the Council’s efforts to provide government relations services to American and Russian companies and facilitate American entry into the Russian market.